The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Locksmiths

Is there any difference between residential and commercial locksmiths? In this article, we are going to explore the differences.

Not all door locks are the same, and while both residential and commercial property owners want to ascertain their premises are secure, there are some substantial variances between the locks installed in homes and those in business premises. These variances mean it is imperative to find the right locksmith for your needs.

Well, some locksmiths specialize in residential properties and some have invested in years of training into the tech needed to work with car locks. Other locksmiths work on commercial properties and the highly specialized locks you will come across for the purpose. There are also mobile locksmiths who possess well-rounded skills across an array of sectors.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Locksmith

Residential locks are often relatively simple. Yes, they are secure and robust, but not as sophisticated as commercial locks designed for business complexes. Residential locks usually lack complex features like master keys, and it is also rare for a house to have multiple keys that are keyed alike.

Although you will come across residential locksmiths that provide a wide array of locks and often deal with master keys and key alike services, not many of them do.

On the contrary, commercial locksmiths have the expertise to deal with push-button locks, key alike systems, master key systems, push-button locks, and complex locking systems. They have more locks to work with and comprehend the complexities that commercial premises have to deal with.

An example is managing keys for a hotel. Cleaners need the ability to open every door on the floors, but with each designated to a certain floor, you don’t want them accessing rooms they’re not assigned to. On the other hand, the manager needs to access every room. Also, customers only need to access the room they’re assigned to.

As such, electronic locks with swipe cards that allow unlocking a room for a limited time seem like an ideal solution. If you do not want to deal with electronic locks, then you need to hire a locksmith that knows how to make master keys that can be used for many locks in a safe and secure manner.

Commercial locksmiths do not just handle complex locks, they also deal with safes, filing cabinets, roller shutters, and anything else that requires locks.

Choosing an Ideal Locksmith

According to GL Pro Locksmith, with a proper understanding of which type of locksmith is needed for a particular property or premises, you need to ensure that you are getting the best hands for the job. Vetting the locksmith is vital for ensuring safety and security in your home or business. But how do you ensure you are dealing with a reputable locksmith?

The first thing is the experience. How long has the individual been in business? The longer they have worked on the commercial or residential locks, the better. Also, ensure they are reputable by reading reviews and testimonials. If possible, as for references to learn how they deal with their clients.

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